Mixpanel peels back curtain on Canada’s mobile addiction

Kids looking at smartphones

Mixpanel, a mobile and web analytics platform, has added a new metric to its portfolio: addiction. Defining addiction as a measurement of frequency of engagement within a given time period, Mixpanel has provided a per-hour breakdown of the app categories Canadians can’t seem to shake.

The results are a mixture of the expected and the surprising. Canadians, like all other markets Mixpanel surveyed, love mobile games. 42% of Canadians surveyed play mobile games at least two hours a day, with as many as 13% packing in a whopping four hours of mobile gameplay (I wonder if the Angry Birds Epic beta trial played a role?). The strong representation of social media apps was also expected, with almost 20% of Canadians spending three hours a day YouFacing.

Canadians, however, are spending much more time with photo and video apps than their international contemporaries, with as many as 23% using these apps for up to three hours a day. By way of comparison, Photo/Video apps didn’t even place as a top four category for any of the other countries surveyed. A significant portion of Canadians are also using Health apps throughout the day, and the category had one of the longest usage tails across all countries surveyed.

You can see the complete breakdown of Canada’s mobile addition after the jump, side by side with the other countries surveyed after the jump.

Mixpanel mobile addiction survey