HTC One Mini 2 may offer custom colour accents for added personalization

We’ve already seen a few leaks of the upcoming HTC One Mini 2, but a photo proffered from Phone Arena shows the device in the wild for the first time, and it’s a beauty.

The rumoured 4.5-inch device may sport custom accent colours for added personalization, similar to the way Motorola allows users to customize their devices using online portal, MotoMaker.

HTC seems to be doing away with its Duo Ultrapixel setup with the diminutive device, too. The One Mini 2 is expected to sport a 13MP rear sensor and 5MP front sensor, along with a 720p screen resolution, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and LTE support.

Recently, @evleaks posted a render of the One Mini 2 in three colours: silver, dark granite, and gold. The device is expected to arrive in those colours at retail, with the customization options via a web portal.

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