Transit App for Android adds resizable widget, contact autocomplete

Transit App for Android, one of our favourite apps for figuring out when the next subway, streetcar, bus or train is set to depart, received a nice update this week, adding a feature that Android users have been expecting for some time: a widget.

The resizable widget uses GPS to determine the closest single stop by default, but can scale vertically to show as many as six lines, across multiple forms of transit, where applicable. Tapping once on the line cycles through its various forms, such as south/north or express types, showing the next two departure times.

The other major change is the redesign of Transit App’s autocomplete UI, which now searches (securely!) through a user’s contact list for addresses. That way it’s easy to find directions from your location to “Mom” and not 1234 X Street, for example.

Great update to a great app that supports most forms of transit around the country. And better yet, it’s developed in Montreal!

[source]Google Play[/source]