Pebble firmware 2.1 now available, improves Bluetooth reliability and lots more

Pebble firmware version 2.1 is now available, along with minor updates to the Android and iOS clients.

The smartwatch recently received an update to firmware 2.0, adding support for the Pebble appstore and a number of improvements to notifications. But with any major release, there were outstanding bugs that needed to be worked out.

In firmware 2.1, Pebble has taken to addressing many of those issues, including one major Bluetooth connectivity bug that prevented many users, especially on Android, from reconnecting the watch to a smartphone once disconnected.

The new firmware also allows for notification clearing (finally!) and improves battery monitoring, where available.

On the app front, the Android version received a small hotfix to clear up any issues with its more recent major update, while the iOS version was updated to support more Javascript-based apps through the Pebble appstore.

To download the firmware, connect your Pebble to your iOS or Android app and you’ll receive an automatic prompt initiate the upgrade. Happy smartwatching!