Sonos is close to releasing its new iOS and Android Controller app, offers a video preview

Sonos is quite close to releasing its brand new iOS and Android controller app, and has been offering a beta on Google’s mobile platform for some time.

The company issued a new video today explaining its new features and showing off a delightful new design that is sure to appease all users of the wireless sound devices.

While the core tenets of the app remain the same — pick a song or album, locally stored or from a streaming service like Rdio — Sonos is expanding the feature set considerably. The company is adding podcast support and “room grouping,” which allows users to pair any combination of Play devices for a whole-house listening experience.

There’s also universal search, so results show possibilities from any number of services. Users can then create playlists that sync across all connected applications.

Do you own a Sonos system? Let us know, and if you’re an Android user, sign up for the app beta.