BBM for Android has over 50 million downloads

BlackBerry recently announced that BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) has seen over 85 million downloads on BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices. While there is no specific breakdown per OS, an update on the Google Play BBM page reveals that BBM has topped the 50 million milestone mark.

Comparing to other popular messaging apps BBM is significantly trailing. WhatsApp has over 500 million users, Kik has over 100 million users, Viber has 200 million users, then there is Google Hangouts, Apple’s iMessage, Facebook Messenger and the many others that have flooded the market. BlackBerry is also setting themselves up on a different track and will target the enterprise market soon with “BBM Protected” this summer, which will offer up and “unrivalled level of trust in enterprise messaging with end-to-end encryption of messages.”

This is certainly progression for BBM considering the app was officially available since last October. Of course, app downloads versus the number of active users could be dramatically different.

Source: Google Play
Via: IntoAndroid