Moto G Cinema name pops up Motorola’s website

The Moto G was released last year and was packed with respectable specs for its entry-level price, which is now at a low $150. Moto will be holding a media event next week and it’s rumoured they’ll unveil an even more affordable Android called the Moto E.

There seems to be more up Moto’s sleeves as the “Moto G Cinema” name has leaked online. The copy says “You’ve got the device. We’ve got the tools to help. How To’s, forum, live support and so much more.” This could be another variation of the Moto G, possibly a camera app that allows users create and share videos, or maybe a streaming video service for TV and movies.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 7.40.02 AM

For now, it’s unknown what it really is. Surely the Moto G Cinema will show itself this coming Tuesday.

Source: @evleaks