Phonebloks expands its modular mission in a call for partners

Phonebloks modular monitor

As Google has taken the lead in modular smartphone development with its Project Ara, Phonebloks’ mandate has necessarily changed. The group has transitioned into a hybrid development community and industry lobby to further modular technology – as it says on the Phonebloks’ website, “we never intended to build a mobile phone ourselves.”

To that end, Phonebloks has expanded both the scope of its modular agenda, as well as its community of partners. In a video released thursday, Phonebloks announced that Sennheiser, a German audio company with professional and consumer hardware experience, has signed on as a partner. The video also demonstrates Phonebloks’ belief that modular technology should not be limited to smartphones, offering visuals of laptops, monitors, and home appliances powered by modular tech. It’s a vision even more ambitious than the original that kicked off the excitement for modular tech, but perhaps that’s the point – the more hardware partners that commit to modular technology, the more likely it is to appear.

You can watch the full Phonebloks video after the jump.