Classic Valve titles Half-Life 2 and Portal now available for NVIDIA Shield


If you’re an NVIDIA Shield user, today you have two new classics to play: Valve’s Portal and Half-Life 2.

While Valve and NVIDIA had already announced Portal, the availability of perennial classic Half-Life 2 comes as a surprise. The game, released nearly 10 years ago, has never been available on a mobile system before, and the conversion is reportedly flawless.

Half-Life 2 follows the story of voiceless Gordon Freeman as he explores City 17 and, eventually, parts of Black Mesa as he tries to uncover the mysteries of Combine, “an oppressive multidimensional empire.” The game, which introduced the world to the extremely versatile Source Engine, is considered one of the best of all time, and has sold over 12 million copies across PC and console.

Portal, released in 2007, is more of a physics puzzle game than a traditional first-person shooter, but is every bit as fun. It combines challenging scenarios with the acerbic wit of GlaDOS, a female-voiced AI that has since informed the tone of personal assistants like Siri.

Both games have multiplayer elements, too, but single player is where they shine. They’re available for $10 each on the Play Store, but are limited to the Tegra 4-powered Shield system for now. The system is on sale for $229.99 CDN until May 14th.

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