Twitter adds user muting feature on iOS, Android and the web

Twitter today launched a new feature it has been testing for some time: user muting.

The idea behind muting is quite simple: sometimes people tweet too much, or rant and rave for a brief time (hello Kanye/Bieber/Jaden) and need to be silenced without being removed completely.

By muting a user, their content will no longer show up in your feed, but it’s still possible to interact with him or her via DM — and that person will never know you muted them (unless they explicitly ask you).

While this feature will likely not be useful to many people — unfollowing is just as quick — it does facilitate a certain unidirectional control over one’s feed that engenders a less chaotic Twitter experience.

The feature will begin rolling out on iOS, Android and the web today, and is accessible by going to a user’s profile, hitting More and hit Mute.