Sonos releases its long-awaited Controller overhaul for iOS and Android

After spending a few months in beta on Android, Sonos has unveiled its long-awaited Controller overhaul for both iOS and the aforementioned Google platform.

Replete with a brand new interface, universal search across any of myriad streaming or local music services Sonos offers, a customizable home screen, playlist support, alarm support, room support, improved music management, more granular sound quality settings, and more.

The main reason to update, especially for those running newer devices, is for the vastly improved user interface. Minimal, modern and extremely fast, the updated Sonos Controller makes it far less of a chore to pick music from services like Rdio, Songza and others.

The next best reason is playlist support and universal search, both of which make it easier to find music across disparate services and lump them into a single place to play them. Sonos users already love the ability to combine hardware, so the next stage is combining software.

For Sonos users who have multiple speakers, room support means combining or separating hardware based on user need; play the same song throughout the entire house, or let someone upstairs take control while another song plays in the basement.

Sonos is one of the best ways to get streaming music throughout an entire house, and despite the relatively high initial investment, pays for itself quickly in aesthetics and convenience.

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