Facebook is testing Foursquare-styled info cards on iOS

Facebook for iOS cards feature

Facebook is testing a new feature in the iOS version of its app to present additional information to users following certain types of status updates. Similar to how Foursquare currently operates (although that is changing), the app displays contextually relevant cards following check-ins, containing photos taken at the location or information about friends who had also been there. Facebook is also testing similar cards for status updates with a song, TV show, movie, or friend attached. Each card is colour-coded by its information type, which is a major break from Facebook’s previously monochrome blue aesthetic.

The card system also provides a new opportunity for the company to increase its mobile ad revenue with contextually driven ad cards. However, while mobile ad revenue is a high priority for Facebook, it’s unlikely to happen until the company is sure its user base approves of the feature. There’s no word yet on Android availability or full-scale iOS rollout, so let us know if you happen to see the feature in action.

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