Who needs the cloud? Plex adds photo auto-upload to its Android and Windows Phone 8 apps

Plex facilitates a local cloud, and it’s for that reason people enjoy using it over competing services like Dropbox or Google Drive. The company has been putting its local content management system on nearly every platform and in almost every connected box for a while now, growing its audience with new features and tantalizing early adopter upgrades.

So what exactly is Plex? It’s a media server that exists somewhere on your network, either through Linux, Windows, OS X or Android, that compiles media into searchable, watchable categories. With the client app, either on desktop or mobile, users can then stream video, listen to music or scroll through photos, anywhere in the world, from that storage box at home. It’s like a local cloud.

In its most recent Android and Windows Phone 8 updates, Plex has added auto camera upload, similar to what you find in Google+, Dropbox and others. While currently only available for PlexPass users — a $4/month, $30/year or $75/life offering — it allows users to automatically upload photos to that local storage for archiving and later perusal. Many users prefer this over cloud services like Dropbox for security reasons, but there’s always that added benefit of, once home, being able to more quickly collate photos due to their proximity.

Are you a Plex user? If so, let us know your best use cases for the service.

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