Google Search for iOS gets improved Google Now updates and voice search

Google Search for iOS

Google continues to slowly improve the performance of Google Now in the iOS version of its Google Search app. While recent updates were focused on performance and interface improvements, Tuesday’s update features a variety of additions to Google Now’s notifications. The app can now notify users to new articles related to favourite topics, authors, and blogs, or upcoming trips. Cricket fans can now also view info cards for the sport.

Google’s update also adds robust voice search. The app can now recognize and string together conversational questions to provide the information you’re searching for. For example, following up a request for weather information with “how about this weekend?” will filter the results to that time period. A quick tap of the microphone icon or a mildly futuristic “Ok Google” is all that’s needed to initiate a search.

Google Search v4.0 is currently available in the App Store at the source link below.

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