Moto G LTE will be available in Canada on June 19th (Update)

Motorola unveiled the Moto G LTE earlier this week, which is basically the same as the Moto G that launched a few months ago, but now packing a bit more speed. The carrier parters who hopped on board this Android are both Rogers and Fido. Moto noted that we can expect to see the Moto G LTE arrive “in the coming weeks.” Today on Twitter, Fido announced that the official launch date will be June 17th.

The Fido version will be $50 on a Standard plan and $0 on a Smart plan; while the Rogers Moto G LTE will retail for $0 on a 2-year plan. If you’re looking to purchase this off contract it’ll be $224.95 on Rogers and $225 on Fido.

Motorola said the Moto G has been the best-selling smartphone in it’s history with over 150,000 units sold in Canada. The addition on an LTE version will certainly help this number grow.

Update: Looks like Rogers and Fido have pushed this launch back a couple of days, to June 19th.

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