Apple overhauls iTunes Connect with music, movie, and TV management

iTunes Connect

Despite its intended utility, iTunes Connect has never been a popular app with iOS content producers, due to sluggish performance and limited feature set. Apple has corrected most of these problems with a major overhaul of the app, finally giving iTunes Connect a much-needed iOS 7 facelift, as well as support for music, movie, and TV show management. Tunes Connect now lets all App Store, iBooks Store, and iTunes Store content producers check sales trends, read customer reviews, and view status changes to their content.

The app update sill falls short in a few areas, however. The app is slow to login and sluggish when switching between daily and weekly sales trends, and is still missing useful features like the ability to view sales by country for individual apps. Hopefully Apple will continue to iterate and ease the pain of the content producers that help make its platform so valuable.

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