BlackBerry is currently working on four new devices

Though BlackBerry unveiled its entry-level Z3 earlier this week, destined for the Indonesian market, many customers and analysts are wondering when BlackBerry will launch its next device in North America. CEO John Chen announced the “BlackBerry Classic” earlier this year, saying it would be available in November, but also noted that the company is working on four additional devices.

Chen said, “After BlackBerry Jakarta, now we are again working on the latest BlackBerry with either three to four [new devices planned]. Yes, there is the keyboard, and one of them is [all-touch] not a keyboard.”

One of the heavily rumoured devices is the BlackBerry Windermere. This is expected to sport the go-to-market name of the BlackBerry Q30 and have a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 1440×1440, a quad-core processor, 3450 mAh battery and a 13MP OIS camera. This was seemingly confirmed during the BlackBerry 10.3 Beta SDK announcement.

No other indication what BlackBerry has planned, but from a wearable and tablet perspective Chen soundly rebuked the idea, saying the company has no plans to enter those spaces in the imminent future.

Source: CrackBerry