Complete Google IO schedule now available online

Google I/O is coming up on June 25th and 26th in San Francisco and should be when we’ll see a few new products and Android OS features.

For those interest in checking out the complete schedule can do so now as Google has posted it for all to see. The big keynote presentation is happening at 9am PST on the 25th, but there is a slew of interesting sessions to take part in, such as What’s new in Android, The Next 5 Billion Gamers, Wearable Computing with Google, Designing for Wearables, Glasswear Design Sprint, The Dawn of Fast Data, and Instant Buy everywhere.

If you’re not planning on attending in person, Google has set up various live stream events and also I/O Extended sessions.

It’s heavily rumoured that we’ll see the Google and HTC unveil the Nexus 8 tablet, possibly Android TV, and maybe they will bring truth to Android Silver.

Source: Google I/O
Via: Phandroid