BlackBerry Android Runtime to get Jelly Bean 4.3 support in 10.3 OS

BlackBerry Android Runtime

As part of its 10.3 SDK beta, BlackBerry has updated its Android Runtime. Now, the 10.3 SDK is not for public use, featuring a stripped-down version of BB10 missing significant features. But the SDK does give a firm indication of what the Android Runtime will look like when BB 10.3 is released to the general public.

The most significant addition is support for Android Jelly Bean 4.3, up from 4.2.2. The new Runtime also supports Android apps using NFC and Bluetooth LE, while allowing users to manage applications that require user authentication from within the BlackBerry 10 account settings.

Mobile devs looking to get the runtime and the latest BlackBerry development tools should hit the source link below.