LG preps for G Watch launch, states a ‘smart watch is an IT and fashion fusion’

LG G Watch will be one of the first Android Wear smartwatches on the market, with the company teasing it on several occasions.

A video last week highlighted every corner of the G Watch and this week LG has written up an article titled, “Smart Watch is an IT and fashion fusion.” It goes into great detail how the G Watch is not the first wrist-based product they have thought about. The LG Prada Link in 2008, then a prototype in 2009 that had the capability to launch video calls.

Leading up to the release of the G Watch, LG noted popular characters in TV and the movies, namely from Inspector Gadget, Knight Rider and Captain Kirk. This is a similar play to what Samsung did when the Galaxy Gear last year, stating “After all these years it’s finally real.”

The G Watch is expected to be available in June in both Stealth Black and Champagne Gold, sporting a 1.85-inch display, 4GB of internal memory and water resistance.

Source: LG Newsroom
Via: AndroidCentral