Public Mobile quietly releases the Moto G and BlackBerry Q5

Public Mobile, who is now owned by TELUS, quietly revamped their device lineup. Gone are the plethora of in-house handsets and ZTE products, and in are the Moto G, BlackBerry Q5, Samsung Galaxy Ace II x and Alcatel A392A.

These were previously announced additions to their lineup and surely makes them an option to consider. The Moto G and BlackBerry Q5 launched a few days ago and costs $169 no-term, but are only for existing customers. Public is currently holding off signing up new customers on a data plan — this is probably to ensure a smooth transition to TELUS’ HSPA+ network. New customers are rumoured to be able to hop on a data plan around the August 1st time period.

TELUS purchased Public Mobile last November and acquired its 280,000+ subscribers and G-Band spectrum between Windsor to Quebec City.

Source: Public