Notifyr gets iOS notifications to appear on your Mac

Notifyr iOS app

With the mobile experience stabilizing, and wearables just starting to take off, the technology that will matter most will be that which better connects all the gadgets sitting in front of us. So far the experience between Apple hardware is not that great – for example, iMessage is interoperable between iOS and Macs, but there are still hiccups to be dealt with. Notifyr is a new app that brings us a little closer to true device connectivity by pushing iOS notifications to Mac desktops or laptops.

Notifyr uses Bluetooth LE to connect devices, and requires a $3.99 paid iOS app and a free Mac companion app to be installed on both. Once installed and paired, any iOS notification, including things like missed calls and voicemail alerts, can appear on your Mac in the form of a Mac Notification Center alert. Notifyr can also mute any iOS notification type to prevent notification duplication from, say, incoming email.

Unfortunately, Notifyr right now doesn’t provide any functionality beyond presenting the notification. Users can’t, for example, respond to communications like with iMessage – if you want to engage with a notification, you’ll still have to pull out your iPhone. Still, Notifyr is a useful tool for making sure that high priority notifications don’t get missed while hard at work in front of your Mac. It will have to suffice until Apple dedicates itself to expanding interoperability beyond iMessage across its devices.

Notifyr’s iOS and companion apps can be found at the source links below.

[source]App Store / Mac app[/source]