This is how ‘BBM Protected’ will work (Video)

BlackBerry is preparing to launch the “eBBM Suite” of products that are specifically designed for the enterprise market. One of the first apps to hit customer devices will be “BBM Protected” sometime this summer. BlackBerry previously stated this will offer up and “unrivalled level of trust in enterprise messaging with end-to-end encryption of messages.”

BBM protected will only work on BlackBerry devices, either BlackBerry 10 or legacy BlackBerry smartphones, and will operate in a similar fashion as the current consumer version of BBM. There is no word yet on the cost, but BlackBerry noted that enterprise customers will pay a monthly subscription fee.

A couple videos have popped up from a demo at the recent BlackBerry Experience in Washington that shows how BBM Protected will interact and look. Users will be able to easily switch between BBM clients and when using BBM Protected the display will indicate a blue text and a small lock icon.

BlackBerry also noted in its press release a few months ago that “Employees will be able to use a single well-known, well-loved app to connect with internal colleagues under this regulated level of enhanced security, while remaining free to message BBM contacts outside the organization simply and easily with the privacy, control and security that is already inherent in BBM.”

Source: CrackBerry
Via: N4BB