Samsung rumoured to be working on a Tizen smartwatch that doesn’t need a smartphone

Galaxy Gear 2

A month after the release of Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, a Wall Street Journal report claims the company is working on a new Tizen-powered smartwatch. The report states that the unnamed device features similar functionality to the Gear 2 – email, GPS, Bluetooth, heart monitor – with the notable exception that it will not require smartphone pairing to send and receive texts and calls.

The report goes also indicates that the new smartwatch could be unveiled as early as June or July, and will ship with a SIM card. Undoubtedly the increased functionality will also increase the cost of the device beyond the Gear 2’s $329 retail price. Let us know if you’d prefer a standalone smartwatch at an increased cost to a ‘companion device’ that needs to pair with a smartphone.