Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tipped for a September 3rd announcement, possibly includes Smart Fingerprint and Aqua Capture

Samsung exec previously pointed out that the company was considering something unique to the market and launch it with “a three-sided display so messages can be read from an angle.” Some new details have emerged of some possible inclusion into the fourth generation Note.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is currently testing ‘Swipe to launch Motion Launcher’, ‘Aqua Capture’, ‘Multi Network for Booster’, and ‘Smart Fingerprint.’ The Note 4 will apparently be water resistant and have the ability to capture pictures under water (Aqua Capture). The Multi Network for Booster helps you download files faster, while the Smart Fingerprint function could give the user the option to customize various actions on the device with the swipe of a finger. The “Swipe to launch Motion Launcher would possibly work in a similar fashion, but lack the authentication of your fingerprint, and allow you to quickly launch an application when the display is off.

Source: SamMobile