Samsung patent filing shows circular smartwatch that has ability to detach and become a necklace

Samsung, like many mobile manufacturers, files hundreds of patents every year with the various offices around the world. Some come to life, many don’t. The latest to hit the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are a slew from Samsung that could give a hint of what a future flagship smartwatch might end up looking like.

There are eight patent filing in total and all have to do with a circular smartwatch. This is a shift away from how the current square share of the Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 smartwatches, and are designed like Motorola’s upcoming Moto 360.

The filings reveal a watch face with a circular design, but the physical display only represents a portion of the real estate and will still be square. In addition, the patent shows a camera on board with the main touch navigations being located on the band. Potentially continuing the trend to make wearable devices serve many purposes, Samsung also shows the option for the user to completely remove the watch face and wear it as a necklace or a key chain. – something similar to how the Gear Fit currently works with the ability to change wrist bands.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 8.07.45 AM


While we wait for this to potentially arrive, Samsung is rumoured to be coming out with a new smartwatch in July that will be powered by Tizen and doesn’t need to connect to a smartphone to send and receive texts and calls.

Source: USTPO Patent filing, SammyToday
Via: SamMobile, AndroidAuthority