Nova Launcher is back, still the customizer’s dream launcher

Nova Launcher has, for a long time, been one of the more consistent earners in the paid app category of Google Play. But many loyal users have since moved on to newer, more Google Experience-like apps since December, when Nova was last updated in earnest.

Now the developer of Nova, Teslacoil, is back with the first round of betas for Nova Launcher 3.0. The app looks and feels very similar, but has added a number of impressive features, the most notable of which is subgrid positioning, which allows users to align apps, folders and widgets with smaller padding footprints.

The app also plays nice(r) with KitKat, and adopts some of Google’s newer APIs for better compatibility across devices. Nova 3.0 also fixes a number of bugs on Samsung devices running KitKat, and tweaks have been made to look the same as HTC Sense’s toolbars on the HTC One M8.

If you want to take part in the beta, head to Google+ and opt-in.

[source]+Kevin Barry[/source]