BlackBerry Windermere can fit a lot more on its screen

BlackBerry Windermere Active Frames

The BlackBerry Windermere is a wide device. One of the four devices currently in development at BlackBerry, the Windermere (possibly retailing as the Q30) is rumoured to sport a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 1440×1440, giving it a 1:1 aspect ration (see: squares). While the Windermere’s resolution was essentially confirmed during the recent BlackBerry 10.3 SDK release, photos posted to the CrackBerry forums give a sense of how its screen will be put to good use.

The photo above shows eight active frames on one screen – four full size and four half the normal size – something current BlackBerry 10 devices can only do across two screens (it’s currently unknown if the Windermere will also support multiple screens of active frames). The Windermere can also now fit three full size active frames across its screen compared to the standard two of current BB10 devices. Other photos posted to the CrackBerry forums show off Windermere’s more spacious quick settings dropdown compared to the Q10, and its new column arrangement of app icons – all of which can be found at the source link below.

Without being able to hold a Windermere in our hands, it’s impossible to tell if the quicker app and settings access provided by Windermere’s increased screen real estate justifies what is sure to be a unique device build. However, it is nice to see BlackBerry taking the time to harmonize BB10 OS features to individual devices.