Former LucasArts President Simon Jeffery joins Thalmic as Chief Gaming Evangelist

Myo armband and Oculus Rift

Attending OIGC 2014 this week, I had the opportunity to attend a session lead by Thalmic Director of Developer Relations, Scott Greenberg, as he demonstrated the Myo armband to a room full of game developers. The session was a basic introduction to the principles behind its design and a few neat demonstrations of the armband’s capabilities, but by the end Greenberg was flooded with hardware requests and questions about general beta SDK availability (hint: soon). The message was clear: game developers are intrigued by Myo.

Today, Thalmic announced that Simon Jeffery, former President of LucasArts and Sega of America, has joined the company as its Chief Gaming Evangelist. The announcement makes it clear that Thalmic has followed Oculus VR’s acquisition very closely and doubled down on gaming as a means to accelerate its growth and potential return. Beyond wealth for Thalmic’s founders, Jeffery’s hire also holds the promise of some really cool games being developed; with 27 years of experience in gaming and all the right credentials, Jeffery’s presence means that top tier gaming studios will take Thalmic seriously.

Jeffery said in a statement released by Thalmic that “the Myo armband represents a new era of gaming.” That’s all well and good, but if in two years I’m not spending 40 hours a week playing a Jedi Knight sequel using a Myo armband and Oculus Rift, Thalmic should consider the whole initiative a grave, grave failure.