Google shows off more of Android Wear as Google I/O draws closer

Android Wear is likely going to have its big debut next month at Google I/O in San Francisco. The company often waits until the summertime to announce major events in its development lifecycle — new Android version, major tablet launch — and this year appears to be no exception.

While we know that Google is already working with partners at LG and Motorola to mentor them on smartwatch designs, the company is barrelling ahead on making Android Wear as usable for existing app developers as possible.

In a post on Google+ this week, Android Wear engineer, Timothy Jordan, shows off some new notification designs for apps that have not been explicitly modified to take advantage of the platform. For example, a notification from Nest alerting users of smoke will show up with the same text, and action, as it would on an Android phone. In Pocket Casts, users can choose to pause, skip or return to a previous track in the popular podcasts app.

We’ll likely hear, and see, a lot more about Android Wear in the next few months, including the first hardware from LG and Motorola, so stay tuned.

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