Sunrise Calendar arrives on Android and the web, aims to be the first true cross-platform social calendar


Sunrise Calendar is the latest in a series of connected, social calendars transitioning from iOS to Android. Any.do’s Cal made the jump, and, most recently, UpTo’s multi-layered approach won our hearts.

Sunrise is, while similar to those, a little more traditional. Arriving on Android and the web via a browser extension, it aims to be the first true cross-platform social calendar, as it allows users to log in from anywhere, using Google, Facebook or email credentials, and have their social calendars readily available.

The app looks and feels quite similar to its iOS counterpart, flat design and muted orange colour scheme intact, but that’s a good thing: it feels fast and capable, and Android native. Users get the chance to log in to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Producteev and Twitter to consolidate data from local and the web. For example, you can set Sunrise to show your local Google calendar and a list of upcoming friends’ birthdays from Facebook — their faces show up in your feed, along with weather information for the day — but omit the annoying Facebook event invitations you are likely to be inundated with every week.

Sunrise isn’t quite as full-featured as its iOS counterpart, at least not on arrival: it doesn’t have Exchange support, and search is not currently available. Both have been acknowledged by the developers and will be added in the near future, though. The core features are the same, though: list and three-day viewing look just as good (or better) on large Android devices.

All of these great mobile features work well with the new web app, which uses the same login credentials, negating the need to re-enter all those pesky account usernames and passwords once they’re added. Sunrise may not be the flashiest Android calendar app, but it’s certainly one of the most full-featured, and now that it can be accessed from anywhere, on the two biggest mobile platforms in the world and the web, it’s sure to grow.

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