Dots sequel TwoDots goes free to play for iOS

TwoDots for iOS

The MobileSyrup team loves Dots, a minimalistic yet addictive puzzle game for iOS and Android. Based upon the simple premise of connecting similarly coloured dots across a 6×6 grid for the reward of harmonious tones, Dots offers a Zen experience rarely found in any game, let alone a mobile one.

Dots developer Betaworks has released a sequel this week on iOS called, appropriately enough, TwoDots. TwoDots is a significant departure from its predecessor, trading minimalist zen for Candy Crush Saga inspired challenges. Instead of competing against yourself for high score, TwoDots now features 85 different stages, a predetermined number of moves, and stage-specific challenges that must be met to progress. TwoDots even features its own version of Candy Crush’s game board.

The amalgamation of Candy Crush into TwoDots also extends to a new free to play life system. Failing to meet a challenge sucks one of your five lives, which takes 20 minutes or $0.99 to replenish. So far, I have yet to see any of Candy Crush’s smarmy free to play blackmail, where spending cash is essentially required to beat a level.

TwoDots retains much of its predecessors minimalist beauty and fun, but it’s still disappointing to see a game developer known for a truly unique game come back closer to the middle of the pack. These days, however, it’s also hard to begrudge any mobile game developer for wanting to, you know, make money from their creations.

TwoDots is available at the source link below. An Android version of the game should be coming soon.

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