Top Canadian mobile stories from the past week

Every week we bring you the latest in Canadian mobile news. Below is a quick overview of the top stories from the past seven days.

– Leaked model number suggests LG G3 coming to Bell and Rogers [Read here]
– Kik vows to rebuff acquisition advances [Read here]
– HTC’s smartwatch possibly called the One Wear [Read here]
– BBM v2.2 now available [Read here]
– Android Wear stars in a 3-minute video on the LG G Watch [Read here]
– Samsung Galaxy S5 in Copper Gold and Electric Blue now available in Canada [Read here]
– CRTC: Canadians submitted 12,000 telemarketing complaints in April [Read here]
– Bell plans to complete its 700MHz rollout by the end of 2015 [Read here]
– Nokia Lumia 635 coming to Rogers and TELUS [Read here]
– Canadians will soon have gate-to-gate smartphone and tablet access on flights [Read here]
– Apple live streaming WWDC 2014 keynote presentation [Read here]
– Rogers, Bell and TELUS included in the ‘Best Canadian Brands of 2014’ [Read here]
– Microsoft demos Skype Translator [Read here]
– Canadians have deposited over 1 million cheques via their mobile device [Read here]
– Sony Xperia E1 coming to Bell on June 5th [Read here]
– BlackBerry Windermere can fit a lot more on its screen [Read here]
– Apple buys Beats Electronics for $3 billion [Read here]
– Simon Jeffery joins Thalmic as Chief Gaming Evangelist [Read here]
– Hands-on with the LG G3 [Read here]