Google makes TV Shows available on Canadian Play Store

Google Play

Google has quietly flipped the switch on TV show access in the Canadian Play Store. After bringing Play Music to Canadians last month, the company has finally brought content availability parity with its US counterpart — except for one small omission, which I’ll get to later.

Titles like Sons of Anarchy, The Americans, Modern Family, American Horror Story are each available for $2.49 per episode, while HBO titles run $3.49 an episode. Entire seasons range from around $20 to $40 depending on the network and length. Like the DVDs and Blu-rays, full seasons come with featurettes and behind-the-scenes footage, too.


Older shows such as Firefly, Friends, Dallas and others are, too, available at discounted rates, while kids are taken care of with Curious George, Adventure Time and others.

The selection, once purchased, is available to watch on Android, iOS and the web.

Now that TV shows are available, the only remaining issue is with Play Newsstand. Canadians still can’t restore memberships from print subscriptions like their US counterparts. Hopefully that will get sorted out soon — I really want to read The New Yorker on my Nexus 7.

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