Motorola unveils Moto Stream, a $50 gadget that turns any connected speaker wireless


It’s not a word you often hear associated with a music dock, but if Motorola finds success with its new Moto Stream, its unique form will likely find a way into many future accessories.

Moto Stream is a smaller $50 gadget that plugs into any RCA or 3.5mm-compatible speaker, creating a Bluetooth hub for up to five devices at once. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows-based devices, Motorola claims connectivity of up to 300ft, along with one-touch NFC pairing for Androids and Windows Phones.

While this isn’t the first product to create a Bluetooth hub for music, its unique design and colourful visage, along with its low price, may be enough to tempt casual music listeners into purchasing. Because it is universally Bluetooth compatible, users can stream music from almost any app, while Heist Mode allows connected devices to take over a song if they don’t like what’s playing — which is sure to cause frustration at raucous parties.
No word on whether the Moto Stream will be coming to Canada.