New Rogers CEO inks roaming deal and Partner Market agreement with former company, Vodafone

Rogers is joining Vodafone’s now 30-strong company Partner Market network as part of a new deal that includes a reciprocal 4G roaming agreement.

Vodafone is one of the biggest telcos in the world, operating in 27 countries with over 430 million mobile subscribers. Before joining Rogers as its CEO, Guy Laurence headed up Vodafone’s UK unit.Guy-Laurence-web

As part of the deal, Rogers can tap into Vodafone’s considerable “expertise in building and developing 4G mobile broadband networks, working with leading global equipment providers.” It’s unclear if that also entails discounts on the service and hardware.

Vodafone customers roaming in Canada will find themselves on Rogers’ 3G or LTE networks depending on their phones’ capabilities. Laurence himself calls the partnership “a big benefit to our customers,” as it will “improve the products and services, like roaming and unified voice solutions.”

The deal, which does not involve exchanging money in any way, will find the two companies working together on more than just roaming, though it’s unclear what that entails at the moment. Laurence recently launched Rogers 3.0, a multi-year plan to cut costs, improve customer service and revitalize Rogers’ brand image.