Turn any Dumb Watch into a Smart one with a new wearable device called Glance

Toronto-based Kiwi Wearables is back with a new product that can turn your existing Rolex into a smartwatch and activity tracker. The company has designed a smart accessory called Glance that fits under the band of any watch to receive notifications, count steps and even turn on your TV.

Glance is a curved aluminum device that sits under the watchband and fits against the contour of your wrist. Glance works independent of your watch, but Kiwi is also offering a version that comes with a premium leather strap. Glance does many things you would expect from a Bluetooth wearable. When paired with your iOS or Android smartphone, it shows when someone is calling, texting and can even displays score updates and all your social messages. The OLED display on Glance is small and to make things easier to read, Kiwi will be using Spritz, a patent-pending technology from a Boston startup who is changing the way we read. Spritz shows words one by one rather than making you read left to right. With this technology, Glance will be equipped to display messages up to 450 words per minute.


It wouldn’t be a Kiwi Wearables device unless motion was involved. Glance is equipped with a 3D motion sensor that gives the user the option for the device to become an activity tracker. In addition, something more exciting is Glance’s ability to use gestures to elicit an action. Using the Glance companion app, users will be able to configure default messages that can be triggered by shaking your wrist or moving your hand in a circle. Glance turns into an air mouse where with one tap of your thumb to your finger you can turn on your smart lighting system or even your smart TV.

As most watch owners today are wearing their Tag Heuer or Michael Kors more for aesthetic and status than as a timepiece, Glance will appeal to those that want smartwatch functionality without sacrificing the style. Kiwi has just kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for Glance with the goal of raising $150,000. Early backers can grab a Glance in either silver or gold finish for $70 and have it shipped as early as October of this year.