Mohamed, Cope, Entwistle and Heins named in Canada’s 100 top-paid CEOs of 2013 list

Global Governance Advisors, via the Globe, have come out with a chart that shows the top compensation for CEO’s in 2013. The top ten earned combined salaries topping $250 million and represent a number of sectors.

The CEO who made the most money in 2013 raked in a total compensation of $87,917,026. This person is Gerald Schwartz of Onex Corporation. However, taking second spot was former CEO of Rogers Nadir Mohamed who pocketed a cool $26,769,973. Much of this income was a mix of a base salary, stock options, bonus, and a package for retiring. Heading down the telecom list was BCE’s CEO George Cope at $10,963,448, followed by TELUS’ ex-CEO and current chairman Darren Entwistle (who took a $1 salary) at $10,127,702. It’s interesting that Thorsten Heins, the ousted BlackBerry CEO, made the cut at number 26 and increased 309% over previous years with a “golden parachute” compensation of $9,056,012.

According to the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association), the wireless space in Canada employs over 280,000 people and generates a total economic value of $50.2 billion for the Canadian economy.

Source: Globe