Staples now selling unlocked 16GB Moto G for $249

Staples has begun selling an unlocked, quad-band 16GB version of Motorola’s popular Moto G smartphone for $249.79.

While the 16GB version has been on sale through WIND and Videotron for some time already, this is the first time the Moto G has been available unlocked in Canada. The phone, which has sold more than 150,000 units in Canada to date, comes a few weeks before an 8GB LTE version goes on sale for $224.99 at Rogers and Fido.

The unlocked 16GB version is the AWS-compatible XT1034 model, different from the 8GB XT1032 model sold by Koodo, Virgin and TELUS.

Motorola’s Moto E is also coming to Canada in the next few weeks. The $179.99 device has considerably less horsepower than the Moto G, but still stands on its own as one of the best deals in smartphones today.

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