Whirlscape expanding past Android, will release Minuum keyboard for iOS 8

Whirlscape’s one-dimensional Minuum keyboard has received its fair amount of success on Android. CEO Will Walmsley was recently awarded Inventor of the Year from the University of Toronto and it seems Apple’s announcement of allowing 3rd party keyboard apps to function system-wide in iOS 8 will be good business for the Toronto-based company.

On Twitter today, Minuum teased that they are currently developing a version for iOS 8, stating “1000s of Minuum fans have waited patiently to be able to use Minuum on iOS, and we’re as excited as they are about Apple’s announcement!” We reached out to Whirlscape for more detail on its launch and they noted that “we’re still working out our exact roadmap.”

Minuum currently works for Android devices running OS 4.0 or higher. The company recently teased future rollouts will include keyboard compatibility on smartwatches, rings, and other wearables.

Source: Twitter