Square Enix Montreal’s mobile puzzler Hitman GO comes to Android

Local heroes Square Enix Montreal have fashioned a beautiful, cerebral puzzle game in Hitman GO, its first mobile game to feature the series’ well-known (and occasionally misjudged) antihero, Agent 47.

Available on iOS since April, the $4.99 title places users in the role of Agent 47 but exchanges the hide-in-the-shadows over-the-shoulder vantage point for a board game-like aesthetic, combining turn-based strategy and toy-like intrigue.

Though the game features in-app purchases, none of them are essential to finishing the game, only providing hints and walkthroughs should one of the many levels prove too difficult.

The company also announced today the second in its mobile game series, dubbed Hitman Sniper, which will be available as a free-to-play title later this year.

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