Pebble firmware 2.2 adds menu re-ordering, music volume control

Pebble has issued a minor firmware update to its smartwatch, adding a number of user-requested features.

The major one is likely the ability to re-order menu items, so favourite apps like Foursquare and Pebblebucks are no longer relegated to the bottom of a long list. Users merely hold down the select button for a second to start the menu buttons jiggling and use the up/down buttons to change position.

The other important change is the improvement to the music app, which now allows iOS users to alter volume with the select button.

The company has also issued an update to its iOS app, adding support for more Javascript-based Pebble apps, and iBeacon support, which could be very interesting. Though the company doesn’t divulge much about what the functionality will do, it allows the iPhone and Pebble to communicate with one another over Bluetooth Low Energy, understanding when they’re close and far apart. This could, in the future, enable an alarm that triggers when the phone is separated from the watch by a certain distance.