Update: BlackBerry to announce Q1 financial results on June 19th

John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO, made the rounds on TV, radio and conferences over the past few months continually stating the company is alive and that they have an unrivalled focus on enterprise and security. At the recent Code Conference, Chen declared “I’m quite confident that we can save the patient… I will be able to create a lot of value for our shareholder even without handset business, but I can create more with the handset business.”

The last quarter has seen improvements to BBM on all platforms (Windows Phone is still scheduled for a summer release), plus the company teased the upcoming eBBM suite of apps, unveiled Project Ion initiative and launched Z3 in Indonesia. Chen previously declared they are working on four new BlackBerry 10 smartphones – one of them is the Q30 Windermere.

For those interested in hearing how the company is preforming financially you can mark off Thursday, June 19th on your calendar as BlackBerry will be announcing its Q1 fiscal 2015 results at 8:00am.

Update: BlackBerry has just announced that they will be holding its Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders on Thursday, June 19th at 10:00am (EST) from Waterloo. There will be a webcast available to those wanting to hear all the finer details and you can hit it up here.

Source: MarketWired