WIND Mobile starts building out its Dual Carrier HSPA+ network

Wind Mobile

WIND Mobile launched its service back in December of 2009 and the initial goal was to have over 1.3 million subscribers signed up by the end of 2013. Competition over the years was fierce and while others were sold off or in bankruptcy, WIND Mobile is plugging ahead and recently declared to cross over the 700,000 subscriber mark.

WIND informed us about a few notable network upgrades. WIND currently has 1408 cell sites and are now 100% HSPA+ enabled across Canada, thus giving customers potential download speeds of up to 21Mbps (average is probably around 8Mbps). WIND is also stepping up for the next phase and have installed over 360 antennas in various locations across the country for Dual Carrier HSPA+ speeds (up to 42Mbps).

In addition, WIND will be launching wireless service in Brantford at the beginning of July.