Corning shows off its anti-reflective coating for displays, gives hope to a life without squinting

Corning is best known in the tech space for its Gorilla Glass, a product that ensures your display doesn’t shatter into a thousand pieces when dropped. The company also unveiled “the world’s first antimicrobial cover glass solution with a built-in antimicrobial capability” at CES earlier this year. The goal is to make your smartphone or tablet germ free.

The next iteration of Corning’s Gorilla Glass has a anti-reflective focus and seems to be making progress since it was first demoed a few months ago. At Computex 2014, Corning showed off the solution on a large display, which was applied to both sides of the glass, and looks to significantly reduce/remove the refection of light. As displays become sharper, especially 4K displays, this could really be a benefit any user — smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on when Corning will bring this to market.

Source: TabTech
Via: GSMArena