CyanogenMOD 11 M7 builds now available

Cyanogen Mod

If you’re a CyanogenMOD user, you’re likely already familiar with the now-monthly release cycle of the more mature M-series builds. The company moved over to this tenor shortly after raising its latest funding round, and plans to stick with it going forward, making for a more predictable experience.

The new version is still based on Android 4.4.2, as the main code branch was completed only a few days before 4.4.3 began rolling out for the Nexus lineup. CyanogenMOD says that the M8 release next month will certainly be based on Android 4.4.3, but in the meantime nightly builds are already available with the bug-fix version.

CyanogenMOD, while easier these days to install, is still a custom ROM, and involves unlocking one’s bootloader, rooting and potentially taking risks with existing data. The company’s Mac or Windows-based installer makes things a great deal easier, but it’s still not for the faint of heart. The company’s latest stats show that the software has been loaded on over 12 million devices, which is an impressive number for a not-mainstream custom ROM.

The CM 11.0 M7 change log is below:

* Common: Theme Chooser UI Overhaul
* Common: Calculator app redesign (courtesy Xlythe)
* Common: Performance Profiles
* Common: Improved theming performance on low memory devices (~512MB RAM or less)
* Trebuchet: Move settings to new slide-out panel
* Trebuchet: Consolidate settings for home and drawer options
* Media: Add FFMPEG support (expanded media format support)
* Bluetooth: Improved support for new car audio systems and docks
* Various small bugfixes, global and device-specific