Rogers customers with grandfathered 6GB/$30 data add-on to see $5/month increase in August

Back in early 2010 it was popular for carriers to entice customers to sign up for a 3-year contract by offering a 6GB data package for $30. Rogers, Bell and TELUS would roll out the limited-time plan for a few weeks a year, usually around the time of a new iPhone launch.

According to a message to customers still taking advantage of this plan on this plan, Rogers will implement a $5 price hike effective in August. The reason for the price change is likened to competition: “This plan was introduced as a promotion over 2 years ago and the price has not increased since then. It offers you substantial savings when compared to similar in market plans and we hope that you continue to take advantage of the great benefits this plan offers. Our customers are using more data than ever before and technology has evolved to provide more value (LTE, LTE Max).”

Rogers does note that the $5 increase is not due to the recent $3.3 billion investment in 700Mhz spectrum, nor the $12 billion rights for the NHL, but due to “regularly assess[ing] our pricing and offers to ensure we’re delivering the value and data our customers need.” The increase only applies to those on a month-to-month payment plan, as the 3-year agreement prohibits Rogers from increasing the price mid-contract.

Rogers recently announced its seven-structure plan to grow the company as ‘One Rogers’ and overhaul its customer service experience.

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