1Password 4.0 for Android now available, premium features free until August 1st

One of the best password managers in the world just received its biggest update for Android, ever. 1Password, a Toronto-based company famous for making it easy to manage login credentials, payment and other secure information in a tamper-proof AES-256 encrypted database.

The company recently released new iOS and OS X apps ($17.99 and $49.99 respectively), and has been beta testing an all-new Android version for some time. Like those versions, 1Password for Android features local and Dropbox sync, allowing up-to-date content across all screens without sacrificing security. Users must recall a master password, which, due to the non-centralized nature of the app’s storage mechanism, is not recoverable, so it’s imperative to remember it. For added security, a PIN code is also available to access the vault, which is in addition to the password protecting your phone itself (right?).

But once entered, a user’s vault is home to all the passwords we often strain our brains to remember or, even worse, make easier to recall by using the same short alphanumeric string. 1Password alleviates that problem by automatically generating Strong Passwords, random strings of numbers, letters and symbols that are practically impossible for hackers to reproduce through brute force.

Even better, 1Password avoids the copy-and-paste scenario of old, too, by implementing a strong in-app browser that automatically fills the credentials of most web forms.

At the moment, 1Password for Android is free, with all premium features available until August 1st, at which time the app will require a one-time in-app purchase to maintain access to editing. All users will continue to be able to use 1Password as a reader indefinitely.

If you are still on the fence over whether to add a password manager to your life, now is your chance. The Dropbox sync alone is worth it — everything else is just secure, delicious gravy.

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