Honeywell takes on the smart home with the Lyric thermostat

“There is now a thermostat that will adapt to you.”

The race to own the thermostat is on. Nest has been the pioneer of this once outdated space for the past couple of years, but Honeywell has announced its first smart product, the Lyric thermostat. There are some similarities between Nest and Lyric: both have the ability to check and set the temperature while you’re away from the home via an iOS and Android app, and both have a focus on saving energy, offering to putting more money in your pocket.

However, where Honeywell sees an opening is with its Fine Tune feature. With the integration of the sensors in your smartphone, the Lyric goes beyond switching the temperature inside your home by factoring in a number of important attributes. It combines indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and weather into its algorithm to provide you with “the most comfortable temperature.” In addition, Lyric also has the option to send you a notification when the furnace filter needs to be replaced or serviced.

The design of the Lyric is round, but Honeywell states they’ve been producing round products since 1953, so Nest better not come after them. The temperature appears when you approach the Lyric in a “soft halo of light” in orange (heating), blue (cooling), or green (away/energy savings). As for the price, it’s currently available to HVAC trades now, but will hit retail stores this coming August 2014 for $279.

Source: Honeywell
Via: YouTube, Engadget