iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 Canada’s best-selling phones in past six months, BlackBerry popular in Toronto

Coming across Canadian mobile stats is rare. Occasionally, the CWTA, IDC and comScore all release various reports that show manufacturer and OS market share or adoption rates.

Vancouver-based iQmetrix has come out with a set of statistics that includes a breakdown of the phones sold in the United States and Canada over the past six months, from December 2013 to May 2014. The data was compiled from its retail management software at over 15,000 locations, but unfortunately there is no indication of what the percentage split is Canadian or American.

However, according to their findings, Samsung had the most sales across North America with 39%, followed by Apple at 28%, then BlackBerry in 3rd spot with 6%. The top two phones was the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S4.

Honing in on Canadian specific numbers, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the cities that see the most smartphone sales. Samsung seems to have a stronghold on market share, followed by Apple. BlackBerry is still incredibly popular in Toronto with 23% of phone sales over the past six months, likely due to the predominance of business professionals in the downtown core.

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Source: iQmetrix